If I’ve Died

If I’ve died I’ve gone to heaven

Fear me not i’m safe and sound

For my sister came to get me

We felt tears running down our faces

We laughed and spoke, hugged and kissed each cheek

We walked up the forever steps

Once at the top she told me how much she missed me


We went to meet our father, our lord

I ran to him with open arms

With o kiss to my cheek

All my worries a sorrows have gone

He shooed us off

My sister showed me life in the place called Heaven


We walked along a shore

The water so crystal clear so pure

I then cried and I don’t know why

Kayla never left my side, she stood and comforted me


I fell silently, crying

I feel myself being pulled up

Kayla says “Follow me” and I obey

She stops at a large smooth stone


She points and I look in

I see my family and friends plans from god

I smile and the tears stop flowing

I feel something emerge from my back

Delicate angel wings

So large and so pure

So soft and so light

A masterpiece in any sight


I look into the stone once more and smile at the greatness they all face

After that she and I go to wait

For out family chain to be completed once more

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