Review on XMEN Apocalypse(spoilers)



So yesterday I had the viewing pleasure of watching the X-MEN APOCALYPSE!  I was with a few friends when I went, and it was a wonderous gift itself.  Totally worth the five dollars a close friend of mine paid.  Let’s start this off I was SUPER excited for this as it came out on my birthday!  As well as myself being a HUGE XMEN fan alone!  Through out the entire movie I was entranced!  I couldn’t tear my eyes away!  Lets start with the basics!  The actor to character ratio was amazing!  Starting with Sophie Turner(Jean Grey), I felt she was the perfect character for Jean, she portrayed the angst, nervous emotions, perfectly!  Not only does she have the perfect looks(she’s So Pretty!), but as an actress she did an amazing job!  Then there’s Ororo Munroe(Storm/Cairo)  She is just gorgeous first off!  Secondly, I loved how you see just a teaser of character developement, and in the end she helps to defeat En Sabah Nur.  Once Jennifer Lawerence(Raven Dark Holme/Mystique)  made her entrance I was amazed how well she played her part!  Hopefully some Hank/Raven romance in the future!!!   I feel Jennifer Lawerance was a good pick for the roll!  She was definitely badass at the appropriate times, and shown that just because you do the right thing doesn’t make you a hero!  She does it because it’s the right thing to do and nothing else!  Then there’s Kodi Smith(Nightcrawler), very good with the accent!  Cheesy funny!  Good character can not wait for more character developement, and when he gets his human skin!  When I seen Ben Hardy( Warren Worthington III)  I was amazed!  He was one bad ass character! Perfectly perfect, even after his wing got destroyed!  Then he goes all bad ass and becomes metal sword wings, I was like Holy S*** I was love struck!  Although his Mohawk didn’t do anything for me!  To Tye Sheridan(Scott Summers) great character portrayed! Loved going for a free ride!  Then I cried when his brother Alex Summers(Lucas Til) died during the blast.  I truly felt for him.  When my favorite villain showed his pretty face Michael Fassbender(Erik Lehnsherr)  I was so excited, he was married had a special child Nina!  I was so excited and then she was killed.  His character I was proud that in the end he decided to help his family!  I can’t wait til he finds out about his son!!!  I can’t wait for that moment! Then of course there is Even Peters( Peter Maximholf)  I love everything about him!  He is such an amazing character!  I Love his montages they crack me up and make me laugh every time!  Then There is my future husband!  The only reason I watch Xmen  HUGH JACKSON!  Who plays Wolverine, his entire scene was amazing, scary and bloody but amazing!  I Loved it When we seen the cage I squealed, causing my friend to look at me and I was like ‘it’s him it’s him!’  She laughed at me!  Even though the scene was short I loved it and I can’t wait to see how him and Jean grow together!  Then of course we need to put in Oscar Isaac(En Sabah Nur)  The ultimate bad guy!  By the way good job make up artist!  He was really gross looking! You did a great job!  Over all great job portraying him!  Those Few were my favorites!! Everyone else did a wonderful job and the story line was splendid! Very entertaining, I personally give a 15 out of 10!  I was very pleased!  And WILL recommend it to everyone I know!  

ps I do not own anything except my opinion!

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