Top Ten Fairy Tail Fanfictions!



In my free time, I always like to read fan fiction and one of my favorite sites is Its downloadable on androids, easy to use, and the content is amazing! Lately, my fandom obsession has been Fairy tail! Created by Hiro Mashima, I do not own anything of his creation! If your as big of a nerd as I am or just looking for some good reads, Keep Reading and you wont be disappointed! Enjoy! PS All these stories are completed and most have sequels!!!!!!




Still Standing By rhosinthorn.http/https/ Still standing, takes place after tartorus and is right after Makrov disbands the guild. This is primarily told from the view point of Lucy Heartfilia. She’s put between a rock and a hard place when placed between the guild being destroyed and her protecting her home. Through out the story she’s placed with trials no one is aware of, life and death situations, and finding new relationships! She over comes quite a lot through out the story and there are scenes that send chills through my spine! I feel this story is well written and is one I often re-read! My favorite part about this story is pain and anger she holds inside erupts and that in itself reminds me a lot of myself! What tears me up, is that her love interest, stays by her side til the end, no matter what she throws at him, that in itself is my favorite thing about this story.




Fairy Tail Academy By Jen2626 http/https/ Fairy Tail Academy, takes place modern day, and revolves around Levy Mcgarden. In the beginning Levy’s life is turned upside down by a traumatic event, and because of that life sends her to an elite high school, known as Fairy Tail Academy. There she meets many people and has many adventures! She finds true love and a family she never knew could exist! With an ending to bring tears to anyone’s eyes! This story is a little fast paced for me, but for some reason I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did! It turned out to be one of my favorites, not only because it stars one of my favorite couples(Gajeel and Levy) but because how there relationship progresses!


Texting Fire By MissyPlatina http/https/ Texting Fire, takes place modern day and circulates between three best friends Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden and Juvia Lockster. All it starts with is meeting Juvia’s boyfriend, and it creates all sorts of mayhem for the three girls! In turn they each meet someone who will change their lives drastically! Now if you like corny, and cheesy romance’s this one is for you! it has many of the main couples starring in it. They are so cheesy and adorable!


Lucy’s Fury By Nikoneko123http/https/ Lucy’s Fury, takes place before the time skip In this one Natsu Dragoneel and Gray Fullbuster have angered Lucy Heartfilia for the last time! They have destroyed something irreplaceable and Lucy has decided it was times to cut ties for a while! She embarks on a mission with a new team and creates new relationships with the impossible team. In itself this story is beautiful! It shows how she interacts well with all the team members, and works well with every one of them! The writing is fantastic, and the romance is absolute! I was impressed with this one from beginning to end!  My favorite thing is it shows Lucy’s darker side, and she doesn’t hold back!


Living With Him by amehanaahttp/https/ Living with him, takes place modern day and in a high school setting! Lucy Heartfilia comes to a new school hoping to be living on her own and showing her parents she can be independent. To her surprise a boy is already living there! They go to the landlord and gives them a choice to share or one of them leave, they chose to stay and figure things out. Through out the story they deal with trials of hiding the fact they live together, and dealing with daily chores and troubles of high school dramas. In this story there are many laughs, and head smack moments! Good story if you need a laugh!


Thank you Nashi By flamefairyx777http/https/ Thank You Nashi, takes place after the Infinity Clock arc. Nashi is the daughter of Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragoneel, Lucy goes to take care of Nashi on her own. Years down the road she gets kidnapped, and Nashi goes to Fairy Tail to find help but finds so much more. There she finds her father, and after awhile they develop a relationship. The ending is heartbreaking but what’s a good story with out a good heart break! This definitely Isn’t your average fan fiction, definitely thought out and beautiful wording!  If your looking for cute with a side of sassy this is for you!  Natsu and Nashi are adorable!


Skater Boy By Blacklynx17 http/https/ Skater Boy, is placed modern times, where Natsu Dragoneel, is from off the streets, and Lucy Heartfilia is from the elite side. Your typical Romeo and Juliet story. The story plot is pretty far fetched but everything is explained by the end! Really good how it follows the song, Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne. There are a few heart attacks through out the story but the ending makes it all worth it! Amazing Read especially trying to figure out how everything transpires!  My favorite part is how through out all her hardships, her friends still show forgiveness and I think it is a beautiful thing!

I do not own anything except my opinons

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