Vacation June2016!

So this past month I haven’t been very active!  I had taken a trip to Pompano Beach,FL.  It was absolutely breath taking!  The drive there and back was absolutely horrendous!  On the way down, we left at nine, so around 12 am I started with the night shift driving!  Was all fine and dandy, drove til 5 and then switched over with my mother, now what made this drive awful for me was the fact after her and my brother got undisturbed rest, when it came to me do you think they would offer the same courtesy!  NOPE!  Jenn give me this, Jenn change the CD, Jenn what does the map say!  So not only was I going off no sleep for over 24 hours, I also had my period, and girls you know the first day was god awful! So for me the Drive down was awful.    We eventually got there and once we got into the room we all pretty much passed out!  Sleep never felt so good!


Through out the week, my favorite spot was tanning out by the pool!  It was so relaxing!  I had my book(Wicked, which is amazing by the way)  and listening to the old country music they had playing in the background!  The weather was perfect, there was only one day where the sun was too much, but the rest of the time was just amazing!  I found out the book was different from what the musical portrayed!

We had taken many day trips!  We went to Saw-grass Alligator Tour, then went to Sanibel Lighthouse!  As well as a shopping trip to Festival Flea Market!  Our first stop was to the  flea market!  Not really a flea market, it was very commercialized, although they did have fresh produce, which was really cheap and fresh!  I only bought one thing there and once in the antique portion, I had bought a beautiful hand crafted amethyst ring!  It was $63 dollars well spent!

Our next outing was to Saw-grass Alligator Tour!  This was one of my favorites!  We got a chance to see alligators out in their natural habitat and learned quite a bit about them!  and the pictures I was able to capture were truly amazing!  While at the tour we were able to visit an animal exhibit, where we found multiple creatures, alligators, foxes, wild cats! It was such an amazing adventure!

The last place we went was Sanibel Island, was so pretty, their were just walkways of broken shells, I was just amazed!  I wish we had spent more time there it was so peaceful! The restaurants were amazing!  I had fish n chips, and it was my favorite meal!   Everything was so beautiful!  I will recommend that island to everyone and anyone!  Definitely my favorite spot in Florida!


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