10 Things Your Beautician Won’t Tell You, That You Should Know!

As a cosmetologist, I see many types of clients that come in and receive services.  There are many people who don’t really realize what is expected of them as a client!  Most of the time cosmetologist are undervalued and underappreciated due to society’s out look on us and how we are represented in forms of media!    Before you I will lay out things that you, as the client, should be aware of.  Most of these things your service provider most likely won’t tell you

Arrive 15 Minutes to your appointment

When arriving to your appointment, always arrive before your scheduled time! You will be asked to come prior most likely to fill out paperwork, or just to be checked in and ready by the time of your appointment. Treat your appointments like you treat your doctors appointments. Be punctual, if running a few minutes late give your salon a call, they are more understanding receiving a call versus seeing their client walking in 15 minutes late. If you are coming with a group of people it’s easier on the service providers if you are 15 to 20 minutes earlier, with having to set up any drinks/food that is brought in and having to get everyone’s consult done and get everyone started. That way everything will run a lot smoother and more efficient. Most times when you arise early, your service provider will be able to take you back sooner, so your not waiting.

If you’re contagious, stay HOME

This is very important. If you have the bug or anything that is contagious, you as the client needs to stay home. Nobody wants to be sick. when working with people it is very easy to catch anything threatening that could be passed through. Whether you are there for hair, nails, skin , massage therapy, you should stay home. If you choose to come in most likely it could make you feel worse, as well as the higher chance of anyone around you catching it. If you’re sick, you’re often have the option to call off and have a sick day, these service providers need every hour possible to make their paycheck. It is not quite as easy for them to take off. When they take off they need to call someone in as well as call and reschedule all of their current appointments. You also set risk for someone with a low immune system to get seriously ill.

If there will be a change in your services, or have to cancel, due so within 24 hours in advance

If you have to cancel and reschedule, or change up your services don’t wait til the last second to do that.  When you do that it isn’t always easy to refill that spot.  If it is a big service that provider won’t be able to make that money and depending on how commission goes at their spalon that they work for.

Do not bring a rowdy child to the spalon, and expect the service provider or staff to take care of or entertain them.

I have been working in the beauty industry for 5 years and the amount of people that bring in rowdy children is absorbed!  As well as extremely disrespectful to the staff and clients.   The service providers are not there to babysit for you!  So don’t expect them to, they have many clients to see and having your child with you that doesn’t listen is a huge distraction, not to mention usually something gets broken.

Tip is ideally 20%

I am just putting this out there for everyone who doesn’t know about tipping in spa like settings.  Tip ideally is 20%, I do understand that sometimes you just don’t have the money.  When it comes to service providers, they see this as a recognition of how well they did.   They won’t say anything or ask if they are going to tip, but it is always on the mind.  Even if you brought in a little gift is recognition, as I am talking from experience, as a service provider I have been given gifts as tip.  It has always brought a smile to my face.

Do NOT lie to your hair stylist about your hair.

This is extremely important!  When doing a chemical service, you need to be doing a completely honest with what has been on your hair, whether it be box color vs salon color.  As a cosmetologist I have seen so many hair disasters due to the client not being completely truthful!  Save yourself the hassle and just be honest, when your honest your stylist can get everything done in the first go.  Otherwise they are surprised when your hair isnt turning the color it should the first time.

Turn down your phone

When getting done a service just keep your phone down or on vibrate.  It is so distracting when a loud obnoxious ringtone goes off.  It distracts from the client/ service provider experience, as well as anyone trying to relax around you.  It’s quite simple really, this is where the golden rule comes out, do onto others as you would want done to you.  Its just a common courtesy!

Do not cut your nails before an appointment.

This is an odd one, I know, as a nail tech myself I can say this is a big one for nail services!  When getting started nail length is crucial to a perfect shape and lenght, when you cut your nails before it makes it difficult to get the shape.  Actually, it makes the service all the more difficult, when your nails are cut.  Your nail tech is competent enough to get your nails the way you want them!  Communication is key!

Pay in cash or check before grabbing for your card.

For small businesses this is an unfortunate thing, when swiping a credit card, there is a fee.  When using a credit card, the service provider’s tip is also taxed, and they also lose out.  So if you can, try and tip in cash or check(if they allow it).  If you always tip in cash normally the provider will always do a fantastic job.

Do not tell your service provider how to do their job.

This one is in my opinion should be self explanatory, but sadly it’s not.  There is no bigger insult to a service provider, than being told how to do their job.  They did go to school to learn and gain enough experience to be able to do their job.   Having this as their career they make this their life, so when you tarnish their name, it is greatly offensive.  When it’s not offensive, it’s very discouraging, making them question themselves.  So in the future please refrain how you word things when involving their work!


Well there you go!  10 things your beautician won’t tell you!  Now you can know what your beautician is thinking without actually asking!  Thank you for your time and have an awesome day!

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