The Best Feeling In The World!

When you reconnect with a best friend is in my opinion one of the BEST feelings in the world!

I have this friend we kinda stopped talking back before easter, reasons unknowned.  Within the past 24 hours we reconnected and have made plans to catch up.  I have never been more excited, it reminds me that life is just too short to hold onto grudges.  So if you have a argument with someone, don’t let it consume you.  ask yourself if it is worth it to lose the friendship.  Thinking back, there wasn’t an argument we kinda just grew apart.  I know at first, I was upset about it and I played into the stubborn card, ‘well if he’s not talking to me then why should i talk to him’.  So I missed out on months, without being apart of his life. This is for all those who let go of relationships far too easily.  Ask yourself is it worth it to lose them for what you’re angry at?

REMEMBER you only have a limited time with the people you have brought into your life. You don’t know how long you have til their time runs out, so make every second count!






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