My Fairy Tail Ships!

So just because I’m a nerd, I decided to bring out im geekiness!  I am a big fan of fairy tail(which is a really dorky and silly anime)!  Well anyway there are many types of ships, and for those people out there that don’t know what a ship is it’s when we idolize two characters that will forever be our favorite pair!  Not sure who created the term, but it is widely recognised in the USA.

So onwards, fairy tail not only has forever ships they also have bromance ships, that I absolutely love, but today I’m enlisting my favorite till the end ships!!!!

Gajeel x Levy

Levy and Gajeel has been one of my favorites since day one!  They show that even if you’ve done something unforgivable there is time to change, and Gajeel changes and he loves Levy with all of his heart, and its shows.

They are by far my favorite because I feel I connect with Levy the most out of the fairy tail gang!    These two go so well together I personally love seeing them react together.

Lucy X Laxus

Lucy and Laxus I believe would be amazing together in the series, but sadly she’s destined for Natsu and granted they do go well together, but again there’s nothing better than a good girl in love with a bad boy story!

I don’t know there is just something about these two that just wraps around my anime heart!

Juvia x Gray

And then there are theses two….  Since their first fight I have died and went to heaven seeing where these two have ended up.  I will still go back and and rewatch the episode, I personally die from laughter each and every time.  I’m pretty sure she goes through all the stages of grief in a time span of five minutes.  And poor gray is acting like a typical guy with no idea what is going on.

Granted Juvia messed up in the beginning of the episode, she too, spends the remainder of her time making it up to Gray and finding herself in the meantime!  My favorite part about their relationship, is that they started off as enemies and now they know each other in and out, it’s not just about the sexual part of it its about how they see each other as a whole instead of two people!

Lucy X Natsu


Lucy X Natsu Credited

And lastly here is the first of the first, Natsu and Lucy I shipped from word go, they are super adorable together and I just love them. It makes me happy they will end up together, they are equal partners, in every aspect and that’s what I love.

They have almost the perfect relationship.  But then again there is no perfect relationship but they get pretty darn close!  My favorite thing about them is it wasn’t rushed, their relationship just kinda grew into more over time


This is just a little tidbit I thought of writing i know it’s not much, and it’s really random, but I needed a pick me up and writing and fairy tail is one of the few things that i love!  Well hopefully you enjoyed it feel free to write a comment to let me know about things that could improve my writing and or articles, even if you just liked it!  I’m always up for comments!  Have a positive day my Darlings!

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