Anger Rant Of The Week !

So today I have a Fun story for you all, well not really, it’s something that has happened to me that really burns me on the inside!  As a female, I feel in this day and age it’s expected that we give explanations for everything we say and do!  I feel this is wrong, cause when the males are in the same situation, they don’t have to answer to anyone!  Well this story just happened over the course of a week, give or take a few days.



It started when a friend of a friend started messaging me on facebook, I had met this man in march and didn’t feel a romantic connection, even though my friend had tried to build him up to me, I still declined, something just didn’t feel right about him.  Well a few months passed, I had accepted his friend request,  well he sent me a facebook message and asked me, pretty nonchalantly about going out to dinner and a movie.  Well being stupid I didn’t realize he wanted it to be romantic, you see I go on dates like that with a lot of my friends.  Well at the time i heard he was dating an old classmate at the time, I asked if she would be joining us or if she minded.  His response was she was a disaster.  Then he responded with so it’s  a date.  That’s when I realized he was talking romantically.  My stress levels decided to expand.  I kept calm and decided to give him a chance.   This was my downfall, I found him messaging me almost 24/7.  Even though I didn’t really respond, he was basically attached to nothing.  As you know I’m a cosmetologist, so my clients take up all of my attention, well I was away from my phone, within a little over an hour there were 9 messages.  I did happen to say ‘sorry I was working on a client’ and he replied with ‘as long as you’re working that’s ok’  and it struck me as kinda odd.  Then he was wanting to have a date 2 days in a row before we even had our first one.  As well as saying he missed me, and wanting me with him.  All before our date, all of these are signs of someone being overly possessive, and controlling.  Needless to say I friendzoned him, and told him I didn’t view him in that way.  Well then he asked me ‘ how can you say that, we haven’t even gone on a date yet’ and that is what made me mad!  Instead of accepting what I had decided, he questioned me and it didn’t stop there, we did end up going on a date with another couple that had my back during all this.  Afterwards he invited me to go drinking with him, I politely declined, mostly due to a stomach ache, as well as my anger to his way of reacting to my rejection.  Later that night, he texted me telling me how he liked me and said he could make me happy.  That was a guilt trip!  One that I wasn’t going to fall for!  I was extremely upset!  Who was he to question my judgement?  Why is it ok for men to do that, is it that much damage to their ego, that they can treat people with so much disrespect.  What angered me the most, is that he thought I was an easy target enough to pull the crap that he did!  Well I had been in a relationship like that before, I know the signs, and now I have requirements for a reason!  The girls today  are willing to accept anyone who looks at them twice, they need to know their worth but because of society and they way men are placed on a pedestal sickens me!  WE ARE STRONG!   That is why we are targeted, they need to be held for their actions, but they aren’t and it pisses me off.  They target women who don’t see their worth, and that’s not right.  As women we shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells around them being afraid of what they can do!


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For all the men reading this, I’m sorry but this needs to be said, if you have a controlling friend tell the girl he’s seeing, it could save her life!  Controlling leads to abusive, seriously you can stop trauma before it starts.  For all the women let this show you, you are WORTH IT!  Don’t ever let anyone tell you different!  You may not see it but there are many people who see it radiating off of you!  Let’s stop domestic abuse!  The world is a lot brighter without it!  Sorry to go all feminist on you but it’s something that needs to be brought to light!  Just remember whether you’re female or male, your WORTH it!


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