5 Awesome Books I’ve Read


5 Best books I’ve Read Recently!

Cursed Child by Jk Rowling, Jack Thorn, John Tiffany


Harry Potter Related, so not much to say here!

Eon By Alison Goodman


Eon and Eona go hand and hand, amazing duo!  Includes romance, cross dressing, corruption, action, and everything inbetween!  great read and had me captivated the entire time!

Eona By Alison Goodman


As I said before, this is a wonderful continuation, don’t want to give it away but wow!  Amazing! go do yourself a favor and get the book its quite amazing!

Blogging For Dummies by Susan Gunelius


This has everything for your blogging needs, and its made so you can just read as needed!  So good luck !

Perfect by Ellen Hopkin



IF you’re ready for a tear jerker here you go!  Amazing, and enthralling, this will keep you on your toes.  With a plus, the writing style is newer and invigorating!

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