A Big Bucket Of Nope!

Ok so story time for you! I have this guy that had shown an interest in me, well I turned him down as politely as I could.  Well my friend from the army, who was away for 4 years came home today and a lot of us went to a local bar to visit him!  Well while there this guy had brought his new girlfriend, and not only was she trashed(ps so was he), he kept making sure that his hands found his way to my shoulders.  The whole night he spent following me, offering me drinks, food, and a place to stay at his house!  Let’s call that a big fat NOPE!  I was already planning on staying sober, but I mean really!  This guy honestly shouldn’t be dating if he can’t keep his hands to himself.

Also, to make things so much better!  About an hour into, give or take, a few friends and I needed to go find him, so he can take care of his girlfriend.  We all found him grinding up against another girl, on the dancefloor.  In other words we were appalled, and his cousin was pissed!  So he walked over to him and pulled him away by his ear!   To be honest seeing that and his angry face I couldn’t help but laugh, I could barely keep it together when they passed us!   So yes this story, can be taken both ways,  its awful for the way his girlfriend was being treated, and it was comical on how it ended but what can you expect when you come to the party late!  lol Alright so here’s my sign off til next time!

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