When do I feel at peace?

I found a question today, ‘When Do You Feel At Peace’.  Well, at first, the obvious answer would be ‘surrounded by nature’.  Simply because I love the fresh air, or being around wildlife.   It feels as if I’m in another world, free from civilization.

Then, I thought, maybe it’s when I’m alone. Where I can just be me, whether I’m in my apartment, jamming out to music and typing away, or maybe when I’m on a walk in the middle of the night.  In all reality though, that just brings me serenity, not peace.

This goes deeper than what I expected, when peace is defined, it is described as freedom from disturbance; calm and tranquility.  As well as, freedom from war and chaos, so in reality, peace is where you are at full acceptance of yourself, and those around you.

The moment I am at peace, happens more than once.  It is when I’m working with a client.  When I’m watching my family laugh and cherish one another.  When I have a journal and a pen going a mile a minute, are the moments I honestly feel at peace.

Yes, the day in a life of a cosmetologist are long and hard.  Consist of cranky women, and overbearing clients.  What gets me is after all that, when they leave with a beaming look look self approve.  That moment when they feel confident about themselves, and you’ve done that to them.  That is moment of peace for me, it shows me I am in the best career field for me.  It shows I am making a difference in someone’s life and I am making that day more bearable for someone.

When it comes to my family, yes, they are crazy.  With all the craziness though, they deserve to be happy. So when I can be the cause of their smiles, or even be in the same room as them when it occurs, I feel any war going on disperse.  Filling me with nothing but happiness, and feeling wholesome.

Having a pen in my hand instantly, sends me into a state of tranquility.  It doesn’t matter, if I’m writing a chapter in a story, or writing a journal passage. Anytime my hand writes across the page it lifts my soul.  It may be silly to someone else, but there is my little hide away from problems.  This is my zen area.

So I don’t have just one area where I’m at peace. I have many and for different reasons.  All in all, today you should think about, and really think about what brings peace to you.  You might be shocked when it all comes down to.

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