Dear Brandon

Let me start with I miss you

I know we only just met

But you brought so much light to my life

I took a chance on you, I never knew where it would take us

It took us down back roads in York, and to movie nights at your house

A chance I never would have given anyone else

But with you it felt right, without a second thought

It was too soon for you

Because we were gonna go to concerts and you promised me horseback riding

Most of all you never got that kiss

There was so much I wanted to tell you

How I thought you were perfect

How you could’ve been my person

There was never a bad moment

We were perfect

Is it selfish of me to want to hug you one more time

To give you that kiss you worked so hard for

I’ve been so sad without you

I was not expecting that news on Sunday morning

I didn’t want to believe it

We just made things right, I was so happy

When my mother’s voice cracked as she told me

My heart broke yet again

The next few days flew in a blur

Then that fateful day came where everything was final

In the lobby I was fine

In the line I was fine

Seeing your poor family I died on the inside

I just cried and cried

I wanted to wail and scream

But I remained quiet

When it came time to bury your ashes

I was all alone

The walk was fine

The ceremony was quick

A few tears shed

Then people dispersed

Funny how your family and I were the ones remaining

Tears flowed endlessly

It took all I had not to make a noise

Your sister struggled to to place your remains in the ground

I couldn’t move I could barely speak

The pain of being alone

Saying goodbye was something I’ve never felt before

You were my light when I was in the dark

You were my rainbow after the storm

Because of you I know I can be happy again

I just hoped it would be you

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