Getting Rid Of Writer’s Block!

Who, What, When, Why, How Of Writer’s Block.

Writer’s block is by definition where writer loses creative flow to produce new work. Writer’s block can happen to anyone, within any type of art! Writer’s block isn’t biased so if measures aren’t taken to prevent this disability, the results can be disastrous. When a writer suffers from writer’s block, they suffer from not being able to produce the work they want, usually starting a number a projects and getting ¼ into it and then moving on to something else because they aren’t getting the results they want. They will feel like a failure, and start to wonder if writing is really for them. Writer’s block is a mental decapitation, which means you must be in the right state of mind to continue. This can happen if said writer is overly stress, going through a trauma of the mind, not taking care of themselves properly, with many factors that cause writer’s block there are many that can battle the issue as well! Below is a list of 10 ways to combat writer’s block, these are ones that have helped me there can be many more but, different things help different people!

1.Plenty Of Rest

Being well rested is an important aspect if you’re about to start writing! When you’re well rested you are able to think clearly, instead of rushing yourself to reach your deadline, so you can sleep. On average you need 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Even with 8 hours there is feeling of drowsiness take a 25 minute nap! They are perfect for charging you up for a few hours of writing! If you’re brain’s tired it’s not gonna work with your body, which will leave you frustrated after all of the fixes to your writing.

2.Staying Hydrated And Well Fed

They aren’t kidding when they say water is the elixir of life! When you’re dehydrated, concentration s something hard to come by. The best thing is to keep fresh water in your grasp while working on your projects. Personally cups with straws work best for me. Keep in mind what works best for one writer, won’t necessarily work for another. Along with staying hydrated, being hungry will not do you any good! So make sure to eat before you start writing, or have a nice filling snack to munch on while you work.

3.Decluttered Work Area

When preparing to write, choose a clean and organized room to work in. Working in a cluttered room will create distractions and subconscious annoyance that will cause you to lose focus and decide to work on everything except your project that you initially wanted to concentrate on. If you’re anything like me you will need to clean them before you can complete your work. In this room that you use make sure you’re able to have everything in reach, so getting up is minimal. The best thing is to set a room aside just for your writing, a room that’s already in order and clean.

4.Shut Off Social Media

Social media is a sin of writer’s block. Many issues stem from having social media constantly going off and keeping you connected to the outside world. Grant it there are somethings you need the media for, such as research for your projects, or pictures so you can get your description just precise. The more you keep on your social media, the more distracted and self conscious you become. You see everyones’ elses success and wonder how you can come close to that. Failure is seen before the success! Keeping off social media is good mindfully as well as keeping away your distractions.

5.Light Background Music

When working on your projects, some writers prefer quiet and some need background music. Sometimes background music is enough to help you concentrate or enough to distract you, it’s something you will have to experience with! Personally I prefer classical or instrumental, for me it keeps the creative juices flowing out of me. Even when I listen to music with vocals, as long as it’s low it can help, usually I prefer that with fighting scenes or the start of story.

6.Plot Out Your Writing

An important thing to get in the habit of doing, is plotting out your writing. It makes it more organized, concentrated and easier to put together, without all the stress of coming up with it on a fly. . Important questions to keep yourself focus are the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. It helps you focus, especially if you have all the write tools, to keep it organized. The major thing to remember is being consistent with it, the more consistent you are with it the easier and more detailed your plotting becomes.

7.Don’t Over Think Your Writing

This is your biggest issue! When you overthink and over use your brain, you come up with nothing. Best way to combat this is take a 5 minute break, calm your mind, do some meditation, heck stretch a little! All will restart your brain, sometimes you just need to walk away. Knowing when to do so is key, if you do that too soon or too late it will affect your writing in a worse way versus in a good way. I know personally this one gets me quite a lot, normally I walk away and through myself a little dance party, or listen to a fast paced song to liven up a little!

8.Set An End Time

When your in the midst of writing, its always good to set a time limit. when your eyes are looking at a computer for long periods of time, they become strained and eventually get irritated, which will lead to less productivity. When giving yourself breaks you enhance your writing. I normally give myself 30/45 minutes of writing time before taking a break. Which a break could be taking a bathroom break, grabbing a drink, getting something to munch on, anything would suffice. Just anything to get you up and moving and moving your eyes away from the screen.

9.Shake It Out

I’ve said it before, if you find your eyes becoming weary, get up, shake it out. Go outside, eat or drink something, even dance it out. Do something to give your brain a break, along with your fingers, whether you’re typing or writing everything out, they deserve a break too. This is very important because once you become weary you can’t give it your all, it becomes sloppy and half fast, and nobody wants to read that! Personally I turn up my youtube channel and listen to some upbeat music, and through myself a little dance party! Everyone has different ways to wind down, that is one of the many ways I do.


The most important thing to remember is to be confident! Remember nobody can write like you, you are the best writer you can be. There will be trials, there will be rejections, but you just need to move forward. Rejections only mean that that job was not meant for you, as a writer you are meant for great things. You can not give up, its like an iceberg you only see so much of your potential, believe in your own work and others will follow behind you. If you’re passionate about being a writer follow your heart, you’ve made it this far now keep going! There is much you can succeed in you just have to find it!

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