Why Journal?

Why I Journal!

I journal for a creative outlet.  I Journal to yell at my best friend.  I journal to keep track of my fiances.  I journal to document my life.  I journal to doodle.  I journal to keep my peace of mind.  I journal for inspiration.


Why you should Journal?

Why should You journal?  Well that’s simple.  Everyone deserves their little place to run away, their happy place.  Anyone can journal, you don’t have to be grammarly correct, or have the perfect handwriting.

All you need is a means of writing and yourself.  Throughout this post you will find out all the in’s and out’s of journaling and by the end you will be asking yourself why you haven’t been doing this sooner.  This isn’t the only reason you should journal though.  Journal creates mindfulness.


What is mindfulness and why does journaling help?

What is mindfulness first?  Mindfulness by definition-

  1. The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something
  2. a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment while calmly, acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations used as a therapeutic techniques.

Now you know what mindfulness means, now how does journaling help?  Simple in a world where everyone bottles everything up, journaling is the one way people can let everything out without being judged.

When you journal you slowly will notice yourself become self aware.  By slowly writing down details you become more and more descriptive and find yourself paying close attention to those little important details.  It will be little and practically non-existent first, and the more you write the more detailed it will become.  It is something that will just continue to improve!

How to Journal

So you want to journal?  Well let’s get your supplies!  First you need to decide if you want to journal old school or do you want to journal through technology?  Either is fine it’s whatever suits you best.

You work better through typing and using a stylus, then obviously use a computer, or mini computer.  You like the feel of using a pen on paper, well there’s your answer.

Everyone has their own preferences,  I personally prefer using a paper notebook, with a fine point pen.  To me there’s nothing better and more calming than smelling fresh paper from the journal.  To some people that feeling comes from the sound of the keyboard clicking.

When picking out the journal, there is no wrong answer, however there are many to choose from.  There are lined pages, or graphed pages, then there are the blank pages for those who are artistic.

For our artistic readers, feel free to turn it into a art journal, where you draw instead of write.  Or for those who enjoy both, then create a smash books of sorts.  I’ll will talk about that one later in another post.

What To Journal?

So now we have the why and the how, now we need the what!

That’s the thing though, there are no requirements for journaling, you can journal absolutely anything!  That’s the beauty of journaling, this is something you can make your own completely.

Things you can include in your journal and endless!

  • finances
  • debt
  • daily chores
  • quotes
  • doodles
  • letters
  • pictures/photos
  • numbers
  • Calendars
  • Ect.

There are just endless things you can include into your journal! All you need to do is write in it consistently, before long you will have a full notebook to look back on.


How do You fit journalizing into your crazy schedule?

Simple answer really.  Take your book/tablet with you and whenever creativity strikes write it down.

At the coffee shop.  When you wake up in the morning.  During lunch while you’re eating.  On the bus on the way to work.

There is no set time, as long as you set time aside at some point to write your heart out!



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