Let’s Talk About Laziness For A Hot Second.

Do you ever just look at someone, and think, wow you are the laziest person that I will ever meet.  Or maybe you think, are you doing this just to piss me off?  

I can not stand people and the sheer laziness that they invoke.  I am running around all damn day, busting my ass to make sure everything runs smoothly.  What do you do? Sit on your phone all damn day and then complain that you need help cleaning up after yourself.  

You are so busy let me do all of the cleaning for you so you can just leave.  No really, on top of all of my cleaning duties and helping you out through out the day, why should you do your part in cleaning up, no no let me.  I will stay after later than usual to take care of everything.  You go because your life outside of work is so much more important than mine!

See that;s the thing with people.   All they want is take, and take and take.  They never give not once.  Then get pissed off when no one helps them.  That is my life day after day.  Then people want to try and be rude to me on top of that.  I may be quiet, but that gives you no reason to act like you are better than me.  I worked to get where I’m at so forget you!  

Why is it that people think they can be so disrespectful.  When you worked your way up it used to mean something, and now you have to play the bad guy to get anywhere. It’s damned right disgusting.  I don’t get it.  

What do you do when you’re disrespected?  I am obviously doing something wrong, to be disrespected by so many people.

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