My name is Jennica Sue Miller! I hate my full name so please call me Jenna!  When I was in high school I had a trauma occur, which in turn, turned me to writing.  As long as I can remember  have wanted to write, novels, play-writing, screenwriting, poetry, you name it i had a passion for it.  After I graduated I took the beautician route and now being there for 5 years I now feel confident to start in my dream career.  The topics I feel strongly about are, abusive relationships, passing the mblex, positive and uplifting words, creative dabbles, funny stories on my day to day life, rants on day to day life, things your cosmetologist wants you to know, death(family trauma), traveling, paranormal, interior design, fashion, reviews on books, and movies!  I am not limited to these topics I will gladly try something new and I love to learn new things!


A little about me!  I love my three cats(Oreo, Boulevard, and Maleficent), espresso coffee, my close circle of friends, the smell of new or old books, my crazy family, hiking in the deep woods, and getting my palm read.   My favorite color is green!  I am in love with the arts; writing, music, drawings, anything that involves creativity!

I am here to bring a smile to your face!  I want to help change your life for the better, to inspire you!  As a beautician I already bring smiles to my clients and now i want to broaden my views for others  across the  world!  I want to spread the word on content and bring things to society’s attention that they wouldn’t normally think about!  I am open to be your voice!  So your story can be told to bring awareness, to make someone laugh, to see everything will be ok!  Cause in the END everything will be ok,  If it’s not ok it’s not the END!

I can be contacted by email


Snail Mail

Jennica Miller

8 Carlisle Street,2nd Floor

New Oxford PA, 17350

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